Exploration and Mining
Indonesia is the world's second largest Tin producing nation, accounting for some 40 percent of global tin supplies. China is the world’s largest producer of tin, mainly due to the fact that the Yunnan province of China has the highest concentration of tin in the East Asian tin belt; which stretches from China through Thailand, Laos to Malaysia and Indonesia.

However, Indonesia, where they have an almost and equal share, is the preferred source, due to the purity and quality of the vast reserves and the expertise of the industry as a whole.

SIP Resources Indonesian Tin mining operation extends across 138,000 hectares of land and runs throughout 23 licensed and active mines. From there we currently produce 70,000 tons of tin ore per annum, which is differentiated by a mix of high content ratio ore and raw shape. Comparatively in 2011, total levels of tin mine production from this operation was 59,000 tons.

SIP Resources Tin mining operations are, however, planning to focus towards increasing the majority of its mining of tin ore away from its onshore mines, and increase the share of tin ore it obtains from its offshore mines to as much as 70 per cent of operational totals this year, because of the rising cost and complicated issues, both financial and logistical that arise by mining onshore.