Distribution and Marketing
SIP Resources believe the success of the company is down to the company's culture and underlying ethos: Which is to maintain a connection to the local surroundings and communities. Our values remain strong and intact as its market capture continues to expand at SIP Resources.

SIP Resources continually source projects that are situated on land that is approved and licensed. All our tin mining operations are economically viable mining projects that have no adverse effects on the surrounding communities. By following this principle we maintain our integrity and subsequently the distribution and marketing process that follows is not hindered by unethical practices that other unscrupulous mining companies flagrantly disregard.

Once SIP Resources have confirmed that there are sufficient deposits of the ore to provide an economically viable mining project, we start the marketing process with a projected three year feedstock level; in line with the projected market demand over the same three year period. We consider our current production capacity and how much, approximately, can be extracted per annum. Having then determined those factors we can ascertain the output levels that the mining operation can produce and calculate approximately the marketing potential and impact our efforts will have on the total global supply over the next three years. From this we can determine the distribution and marketing strategies we will adopt. This is a protocol adhered to for each and every particular project in hand at SIP Resources.

By resourcing our business associates and team members right down to the individual employees we can help to change the face of our independent mining company for the future.