Our Vision
Our vision is to be a leading independent mining company, delivering high quality materials, using a management ethos that prioritizes employees, supply chain partnerships and communities.

SIP Resources' vision for the future will act as the foundation in building a world-class mining company. We value our current product and service attributes, and continue to improve across the company as a whole. In following our vision we believe in;

Providing employment opportunities to the local community with above average benefits enabling a change in personal circumstances.

Explore the latest technologies to improve operating efficiencies and production quality to meet the demands of our supply chain partnerships.

Developing relationships to add further value to each stage of our business supply model, thereby using the relationships as a competitive advantage.

Awareness and responsibility of our impact towards the community and environment.

Remain motivated, prepare for changing markets and move forward together as one complete organization.

Maintaining short term discipline for long-term sustainability.