Sustainability - Socio-Economic
Creating long-term sustainability for our stakeholders, employees, the community, governments and suppliers is a central component in our approach.

Social Contributions
We are committed to contributing to local communities so that we not only reduce the potential impact caused by our activities, but also develop sustainable opportunities to improve the overall economic conditions for our community partners.

Economic contributions
Economic contributions includes economic performance based on the economic value generated and distributed. This index includes data such as turnover, operating costs, employee benefits and compensation, community investments, capital holding, license fees and payments to financing partners.

Product Stewardship
We pride ourselves on the exploration, mining and refining of the highest quality materials, maintained by methods of expertise and the ownership of our employees. Quality control ensures our supply chain partnerships continue to grow and strengthen based on our service standards and quality.

Climate Change Economics
Risk and opportunity related to climate change is monitored and reviewed by our senior management. The reviews establish forward thinking changes, ensure compulsory regulations and take the initiative when opportunities and obstacles arise.