Sustainability - Environment
Water Consumption
Water is essential to our industrial operations and for employee use. Initiatives ensure that the consumption of water is thoroughly monitored, with research programs in place aimed at conserving resources where appropriate and feasible. Water is continuously recycled through our industrial processes minimizing the level of freshwater intake.

Taking responsibility for our operations and surrounding areas, we aim to minimize our footprint, mitigate our impacts and on the closure of mining operations, we maintain the land to its original shape and to enable future productive uses.

The security and preservation of the environment remains a full focus during exploration programs and drilling projects. We attempt to avoid ecologically dense areas to limit disruption to the habitats of local wildlife. Reclamation programs ensure that the use of native, indigenous trees and shrubs are replaced, to assist the native habitats of local wildlife and remain consistent with the surrounding landscape.

Landscape Status
Closure plans are produced for each of our mining locations, which begin at the time of mining and continue until and after closure if required. We aim to mitigate disruption and deploy qualified people to take responsibility for our reclamation activities by following a standard operating procedure;

Stabilisation of underground workings.
Shaft closure and security.
Shaping, cover and vegetation of mined rock dumps.
Removal, transportation, and destruction of physical property.

Mining activities rely on energy for the efficient and safe production of materials. Our sustainability remains committed to the efficient use of energy and the responsible administration of carbon emissions. In this respect we maintain close management of the energy we use to stay within the confines of regulations and to save on escalating energy costs. Through research and development, we remain aware of energy efficient improvements that assist with our strategy to reduce our output emissions.